SAL: Driving the Digital Evolution of Singapore's Legal Sector


SAL aims to empower the legal industry to ride the tech wave and bring the delivery of legal services into the future economy.

Legal Tech Mentors

In collaboration with students from Singapore’s law schools, this community-driven programme enables student volunteers exposed to a range of legal technology and productivity tools and resources to serve as tech mentors to practising lawyers and paralegals in the comfort of their offices.

Lighten-Up! Consulting

This one-to-one consulting package enables small and medium-sized law firms to become leaner and more productive by helping them re-design their operational processes and adopt a suite of baseline technologies.

FLIP Legal Innovation Lab

Across the road from the Supreme Court at High Street Centre is a co-working space that regularly plays host to a variety of legal tech-related activities such as workshops, tech demos, monthly talks and mentorship programmes.

As a virtual extension of the Legal Innovation Lab, a free online community platform is open to all legal professionals. Here, members can profile themselves, try out new legal tech tools, access training and mentorship, subscribe to legal support and call for collaboration on legal work.

CLICKS @ State Courts

When Singapore’s new State Courts Towers opens in 2020, it will feature a co-working space for law firms specialising in criminal and family law. This first-of-its-kind initiative will make it easier for smaller law firms to adopt technology by providing shared amenities and facilities, thus enabling lawyers focus on accessible and affordable legal service for the man on the street.

LIFTED Online Courses

With a range of online learning resources available under its Legal Industry Framework for Training and Education (LIFTED), SAL makes learning possible anytime, anywhere.

GLIDE LegalTech Accelerator

Asia’s first accelerator targeting legal tech start-ups, GLIDE, gives promising start-ups in legal, compliance and regulation tech mentorship and guidance through a three-month programme. It will also provide experienced business mentors, and work with Enterprise Singapore to help participants commercialise and internationalise their start-ups.

Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements

Start-ups and investors can structure a deal for seed rounds and early stage financing more quickly and cost-effectively with the help of Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements (VIMA), a joint initiative by SAL and the Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association. The VIMA documents can be downloaded for free online.


Designed to bring a new level of convenience to the legal community, LawNetPlus is an all-encompassing platform for SAL resources and services, as well as other online legal tech solutions. LawNet Legal Research, Authentication services, Venture Capital templates are among the many tools that can be accessed from LawNetPlus. SAL is also working with solution providers to incorporate a range of useful services for legal practitioners.  

LawNet Legal Research

Singapore’s leading portal comprising a comprehensive range of legal research and transactional solutions. New content and databases are constantly curated and added to meet the evolving needs of legal practitioners, corporate counsel, legal service officers, law academics, students and the global legal community.


A gateway to a wealth of academic knowledge, JournalsOnline provides instant access – at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world – to all journals and magazine content published by SAL. e-First, its e-publishing prior-to-print feature also provides

a quicker path for journal authors to be published.

Data Privacy Compendium

The first of its kind in Asia, Regulation of Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data in Asia is a collection of reports that provide a comprehensive survey of the regulatory landscape of cross-border data flows and data localisation obligations in 14 Asian jurisdictions. The compendium can be downloaded for free online.