The homegrown all-in-one practice management solution built to meet the needs of Singapore Law Practices.


Tessaract.io is a collaborative Cloud-Native platform for teams and clients which ensures that no double entry is required and that all stakeholders are kept updated on the matters as they progress.

Tessaract.io is:

An all-in-one Practice Management Solution to help firms automate and manage their day to day tasks and matters.

  • Tessaract.io's Case Type, Case Template, and Custom Fields allow law firms to customize their own workflows according to their best practices. Tessaract.io then automatically generates these workflows to guide and align all users to this standard.
  • Tessaract.io is also fully API-ready, capable of integrating with external platforms such as ACRA, AML search providers, SAL's LawNet. We are always on the lookout for APIs that would enhance our users' experience and convenience.
  • Tessaract.io lets law firms manage their entire firm's client, cases, timesheets, expenses, and billings with just one programme and enjoy significant savings in cost and efficiencies!

A cloud-based integrated Document Management Solution, which lets firms store, OCR, manage, generate, assemble and even E-Sign documents.

  • Tessaract.io runs on the Cloud and can be accessed anywhere with internet connectivity.
  • Tessaract.io’s Document Management Solution and Practice Management Solution seamlessly integrate to provide instantaneous synchronization of documents.
  • Documents can be automatically generated using our built-in document assembly features - easily populate and pre-fill commonly used forms and documents like Lasting Power of Attorneys, Letters of Engagement, Wills, and more!

A Billing and Accounting Solution which tracks and analyses a law firm’s time entries, billings, invoices and generates reports for data-driven decision making.

  • Tessaract.io has a full-fledged built-in trust and accounting module, which allows law firms to easily and quickly track and pull their unpaid invoices into a report for their clients.
  • Prepare and generate reports for GST filing, full Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet reports, and do bank reconciliation with Tessaract.io's recon-wizard.
  • Prepare invoices using customizable formats and templates, and generate audit reports with ease.
  • Expenses need only be keyed in once for both disbursements and employee claims, with an automated approval system that helps to process large numbers of claims at one go.
  • With a fully integrated accounting system built within the Practice Management Solution, law firms no longer have to enter any data more than once!

To find out more, email the team at Tessaract.io at [email protected]!