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Hotdocs - Law Cloud

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Interactive Experience

With HotDocs, you create a custom, interactive experience for producing any type of document or form. HotDocs enables you to automate your documents and create intelligent interviews that guide users through the process of entering the necessary data to generate a document. HotDocs interviews are highly responsive, meaning that depending on how a certain question is answered, other questions can be displayed or hidden. What’s more, HotDocs can reuse each answer file to pre-populate additional documents in a client file or set, eliminating the need for repetitive data input.


Risk Mitigation

HotDocs enables you to ensure that your documents are accurate and compliant. By automating the document drafting process, you avoid mistakes, such as typos, inconsistent data or forgetting to add or delete certain paragraphs or clauses. HotDocs templates control the process so documents are completed accurately and on your terms.


Power and Scalability

HotDocs provides powerful and scalable solutions for all types of organisations, including banks, insurance providers, law firms, government agencies and enterprises of all sizes. It can meet the document assembly needs of any organisation, whether you’re creating 10 documents per month or hundreds of thousands. No other solution provides the scalability and flexibility of the Hotdocs document assembly platform.

Document Control

HotDocs enables you to gain control of your documents. You can limit access to templates or even lock them down so that no unauthorised changes are made. HotDocs also allows you to flag answers during an interview if they are inconsistent and need to be reviewed later. You can also build questionnaires that include range validation and help resources for individual questions.

Operational Efficiency

Our customers report massive time savings. A large government agency went from taking three months to produce a contract down to three days. A global bank used to take three days to create a loan application, and now, with HotDocs, it takes less than an hour. And yet another saves over 35 man-hours per day.


HotDocs templates can be deployed on the desktop, in your own server environment or in the cloud. Plus, they can be embedded in any website or integrated with other commercial web applications, such as BPM workflows, case management systems or document management systems.


Hotdocs, bundled with LawCloud, is a pre-approved product under the Tech-celerate for Law scheme. LawCloud provides additional features and functions to make Hotdocs more user friendly for lawyers. Under Tech-celerate, law firms can get a grant of up to 70% of the license, training and implementation fees for the adoption of the solution.



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  • Increase accuracy
  • Minimise risk
  • Save time and money


  • Aid Compliance
  • Reduce Risk
  • Operate Efficiently