Cloud-based Practice Management, Accounting and GST Solution for Legal Firms


Practice Management

  • Ease of use and quick access to all features and menus user interface, in an organised Client-Matter structure.
  • Capture of time, work and disbursement entries.
  • Generation and tracking of invoices, receipts, payments and expenses.
  • Conflict-Check and Matter Search functions.
  • Roles and user based permissions.
  • Omnipresent Quick Timer function for immediate tracking of time billing activities and memo capturing.

Accounting and GST

  • Comprehensive accounting and GST inbuilt framework.
  • Chart-of-Account set up flexibility.
  • Management of office, client/trust and petty cash accounts.
  • Full trust account trial balances and reports for submission.
  • Supplier and staff-claim function modules.

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Billing, Client reports, Suppliers to Bank reports, Accounting reports to Productivity reports.
  • Fully downloadable in the Excel, PDF and Word formats.
  • Dashboard functionality, for instant insight into your firm’s performance.
  • Yearly budgeting and reporting, fee earner and teams’ productivity reports, Audit trail.

Integration with NetDocuments


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At Verlata, we assist in the deployment and delivery of technology platforms to law firms and corporate legal departments, assisting in their adoption journey through design, implementation, guidance and support. Our primary focus includes legal-centric Practice Management, Document Management and Document Review solutions.

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The all-in-one Practice Management and Accounting platform for Legal Firms

CoreMatter empowers users to manage their billing transactions and practice management activities:

  • Easy Time & Expense Tracking and invoicing
  • Allow for flat fee and time-based billings
  • Capture your time and disbursement expenses quickly and easily.
  • Log court fees, travel time and other miscellaneous items all with minimal mouse clicks.
  • Tracking of vendor costs or case-related expenses.